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A boy holds a placard that reads "Safeguard the Rule of Law" and "Say No to Violence" during a peaceful rally at Tamar Park, Hong Kong, July 20, 2019. [CHINA DAILY]

Unions representing Hong Kong police officers on Thursday urged the city"s "silent majority" to speak up against recent violence, stressing that peace in the city depends on the collective efforts of the public.

Lam Chi-wai, chairman of the Junior Police Officers" Association, said he believes the city"s "silent majority" are rational.

If the public can join the police efforts by speaking up against violence, Hong Kong will remain one of the world"s safest cities and peace can be restored, he said.

He urged the opposition lawmakers to reject violence of any kind regardless of their political views. "Being leaders in society, they should not allow the spread and escalation of violent acts."

He advised that young people develop a comprehensive understanding of what"s happening in society, rather than reading news reports from one source.

Wilkie Ng Wai-kei, chairman of Hong Kong Police Inspectors" Association, said those who blatantly undermined the rule of law were limited only to a small number of people. The social unrest will die down eventually when they are brought to justice by police.

Ronny Chan Man-tak, chairman of Superintendents" Association, said the rule of law in Hong Kong, in addition to police enforcement, largely depends on cooperation between law-abiding people and police.

Chan called on Hong Kong people to reject violence and stay away from activities that disrupt law and order in the city.

Recently, an assistant principal of a local school openly maligned children of Hong Kong police officers. Lam Chi-wai said he hopes education professionals would refrain from such acts and help students develop the right attitudes toward violence.

In the face of increasing insults and harassment of police officers, Lam stressed that the police force is still determined to bring offenders to justice and safeguard the city"s rule of law.

He called on all officers, including their family members, to stay united in challenging times, and called on officers to stay firm in their belief that their actions are just and for the city"s benefit.

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